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Hibiscus flower is a very popular product throughout the world. Traditionally used for its many medicinal properties, it is used to flavour a wide range of hot and cold drinks today.


Burkinature's packaging teams sort and bag the whole or crushed red and white hibiscus flowers into 25 kg bags.


BURKINATURE has been producing and exporting organic HIBISCUS since the year 2000.

To this end, the company has been working since that date with a hundred or so producers in several production units based in the Hauts Bassins and Boucle du Mouhoun regions, which are two of the five regions of Burkina Faso with high agricultural potential.


The production areas located in the provinces of Houet (village of Tapogodeni), Kénédougou (village of Kourinion), and Kossi (villages of Bomborokuy and Djibasso) are chosen after a risk assessment of organic production.

In order to do this, BURKINATURE, through its qualified and experienced team, continuously provides the necessary technical support to producers.


Furthermore, through the organic cultivation of HIBISCUS and its marketing on fair trade markets, BURKINATURE participates not only in socio-economic development but also in the preservation of the environment in the villages concerned.

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